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The Dance of Number Curriculum: Part 1, Steps 1-7

The Dance of Number The Dance of Number The Dance of Number

Suggested schedule: The Dance of Number, Part 1: Suggested two-year schedule for Steps 1-7 in Excel format (*.xlsx).

Sample lesson, Lesson 1.1

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Sample lesson, Lesson 7.5

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Order Solutions manual for Volume 1 and Volume 2, Steps 1-7/Instructor's Guide (230 pages)

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Steps 2 and 3: Japanese Soroban from Tomoe Soroban Co., Ltd., Japan

Steps 2 and 3: Japanese Soroban from Amazon - multiple options

Lesson 3.8: Brief History of Mathematics

Lesson 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.10: The Beauty of the Symmetry of Multiplication

Lesson 4.15: Pascal's Triangle

Lesson 5.1-5.4, 5.8-5.9: Divisibility Rules

Lesson 5.4: Medians of a Triangle

Lesson 6.1: The First 1000 Prime Numbers

Lesson 7.2: Metric System Prefixes

Lesson 7.9: Aliquot Parts

Lesson 7.11: Kitchen Measures

Lesson 7.11 and Lesson 7.12: Key Unit Conversions

Part 2

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