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The Taptestry of the Incarnation

The Tapestry of the Incarnation is a 359-page book (v. 1.2 - second edition) that explores the pre-infancy and infancy narratives (John 1, Matthew 1-2, and Luke 1-2).

The nine chapters investigate the biblical text, historical backgound, Old Testament background, and doctrinal dynamics, along with rigorous exegesis grounded in the revelation of the Father through His incarnate Son.

Chapter 1: Christ Before Time

Chapter 2: The Tenor of the Times

Chapter 3: Prepare Ye the Way

Chapter 4: Mary, the Favored One

Chapter 5: Family Tree

Chapter 6: The Glory Returns

Chapter 7: The Consolation of Israel

Chapter 8: The Star Rising

Chapter 9: Jesus Growing Up

The book was published in December of 2020 (v. 1.2 with corrections in April of 2021). It will serve as a perfect Christmas/Advent study, but also as a source to be treasured and reflected upon year round.

The author page is here.

The Taptestry of the Incarnation Review

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