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The works of the Lord are great, studied by all who have pleasure in them (Psalm 111:2).

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The Dance of Number

Perichoresis and Mathematics: Mathematics Module - CreatEd Institute (2018)
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The Dance of Number is the Way Forward for Teaching Mathematics in the Classical Christian Tradition
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I came across James Nickel's book Mathematics: Is God Silent? as a Christian Mathematics teacher. His book was like rain in a parched land. I do not think that I overstate the case when I say that reading Mathematics: Is God Silent? was a watershed moment for me as a teacher.

When I was afforded the privilege to work through an advance copy of The Dance of Number, I did so with great anticipation. I was not disappointed. I only wish I had been taught with such a textbook - it would have made the study of Mathematics meaningful and much more interesting. In addition to the excellent pedagogy evident throughout the book, Nickel firmly establishes Mathematics as a field worthy of study by any person interested in thinking God's thoughts after Him.

James Nickel's work will benefit schools, teachers and children across the globe. He has done a service to the body of Christ which will, I believe, prove to be of inestimable value in preparing Christian children to take their rightful place in the world, and in setting aright so much that has gone wrong in education

Hanna Pretorius, HOD Academics, Domino Servite School, South Africa

Work of a lifetime. People are known for their contributions in fields of inquiry, participation in great events, experiments which create discoveries, and ideas which break down walls of unknowing. Few are they whose life work assists in all four.

With James Nickel's latest masterpiece he has given mathematics, publishing, discovery, and think-tank worlds a contribution to which all teachers, students, thinkers, and generations will point. No one has both the breadth of knowledge combined with the educational practice to match Nickel's curriculum. No one ever needs try again.

The Church, the school, the academe, the world should sit up and take notice. Mathematics reflects the language The Father used to create the universe; its principles and truths permeate all of life, every problem, and solution. Jesus, second person of The Trinity, the God-Man, is the source, unification, sustainer, and will be the culmination of all truth. The Spirit now amplifies creation's message to every one of God's creatures: "Look! See! Know! Math is God's witness to earth from Heaven!" All mathematical knowledge throughout creation is intended for Trinitarian glory. James Nickel has held a mirror up to mathematics to announce The Personal Eternal Triune Creator's lordship over all.

Dr. Mark Eckel, President, The Comenius Institute, Indianapolis, Indiana

No field has more frequently been offered as proof of the a-religious nature of vast areas of human knowledge than mathematics, and no scholar has so incisively refuted this notion than James Nickel. In this comprehensive work, Nickel exhibits the inescapably Christian character of mathematics - logical, beautiful, and useful precisely because it is God's creation in the Son. There is no work in history quite like this one - and likely none in the foreseeable future.

P. Andrew Sandlin, Founder & President, Center for Cultural Leadership



The basic premise employed by the author of this site is that the Bible is God-breathed for the purpose of revealing Who God is and how to conform our lives to the reality of His person and work (II Timothy 3:15-17). The purpose of the text of Scripture is to reveal Jesus Christ (Luke 24:26-27, 44-47), who is the Living Word of God (John 1:1-3). The purpose of Jesus Christ is to reveal who the Father is (Matthew 11:25-30; John 14:9). This Jesus is the second person of the Trinity, an eternal and holy love triangle: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This God is truly infallible, inerrant, and inspired. This God is perfect, without fault. This God is the eternal, faithful, and never changing "I am." He stands forever and by Him we shall all be judged. It is in the Bible's revelation of the True Word that we find the one authoritative rule for faith and life.


This web site's purpose is to provide direction, vision, values, principles, mission, conscience. Scripture deems these perspectives important to show us, as Biblical Christians, how to lead our lives. Ideas generate consequences and consequences generate ideas. It is crucial that our ideas about God, our lives, this world and its future be in accord with the Word of God. Anything less is nothing but idolatry. If we do not stand for orthodoxy; i.e., sound doctrine or right praise, we will fall for the popular opinions, gimmicks, fads, and heresies that come along. For the sake of God’s name, let us work out our salvation by being faithful to our high and holy calling. Our lives, our families, our church, our society, and unknown future generations depend upon it.


The perspectives contained on this site are derived from framework analysis (in line, in part, with the heritage of Abraham Kuyper). I was led into this type of thinking by the teaching and writings of Dr. Glenn R. Martin (1935-2004), long time professor of history and social sciences at Indiana Wesleyan University. His seminal paper Biblical Christian Education: Liberation for Leadership provides a summary of this approach to knowledge, reality, and life. Biblical Christian World View: What does it mean? is a shorter exposition.